One eyed fish

2015. 2. 7. 17:18Object/One eyed fish

Little Elephant

Filux Space, Seoul l 2016

The Little Elephant is a 3d puzzle object for your kids. A Little Elephant made off birch plywood and use wood joinery system from house building technique. The product provides a storybook ‘One eyed fishes to be an elephant’. While you follow the storybook with this puzzle elephant, you have one question ‘why do the one eyed fishes want to be an elephant?’. The answer is yours.


The project is inspired by the work of Tsunetaro Yamanaka created the first kumiki wooden puzzles in around 1930. Since the wood joinery system is so complicated that it should be made out of hand, the new system is simplified with one-sheet-cut method to fabricate by cnc machine easily. Thanks to this new detail, the project can experiment various materials such as acrylic, hard felt and sponge.